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At CPSprotect Consulting Services, we provide consultation services for families facing child protective services investigations to help them get through them in the most secure manner.

Saving Children. Preserving Families.

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Child protective services investigations can be frightening as the stakes are high. And more often than not, they are initiated without a warning, leaving families stranded. Depending on the investigation and what information is gathered, CPS involvement can last a long time. We help take the unknown out of a CPS investigation and give you the confidence to navigate this difficult time strategically. CPSprotect Consulting Services can help preserve your rights and that of your family. We know this industry, we’ve done these investigations ourselves, and we know the expectations. You can trust us to help you get through what is sure to be one of the most difficult times of your life.

UrgentAssist, Varies

UrgentAssist by CPSprotect is your concierge guide to the child welfare system. When Child Protective Services shows up at your door, CPSprotect can be there by phone to help make sure you preserve your rights and protect your family. Our child welfare consultant will be on the phone with you listening and interacting with you and the CPS investigator. You shouldn’t have to face CPS alone. Enter coupon code FightCPS60 at checkout to get 60% off UrgentAssist! Subscribe to UrgentAssist here.

Child Welfare Training, Custom

For businesses and organizations with mandated reporters of child maltreatment, activist organizations, religious organizations and informal groups only- get expert training on complying with mandated reporter laws without having to report every trivial issue, successfully navigating a CPS case as a parent or how to handle child safety concerns as a religious institution and so much more! Each training is bespoke and designed according to your needs. Offered in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Contact us for a quote. 

LegalAssist, Custom

LegalAssist by CPSprotect is our consulting service offering to law firms across the United States. Get an expert consultation from one of our child welfare consultants. With former experience as CPS investigators and additional training by CPSprotect, our consultants can help you strategize your next steps in your client’s CPS case, audit and optimize your firm’s CPS case process on the CPS side and provide training on CPS policy, practice and mindset to you and your team. Can be done in person or remotely. Contact us for a quote.

Speaking Engagement, Custom

For companies, non-profits and informal groups, our consultants are available to speak on the subjects of parental rights, child protective services and related topics. Available in person or remotely in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Contact us for a quote.

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