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We take the unknown out of child protective services investigation and empower you to face it with confidence. The services provided by our firm are unique; there is no other firm providing this crucial guidance to families. All of our consultants have at least two years of experience as child protective investigators or as supervisors at local, state, or federal child welfare agencies.

CPSprotect Consulting Services

Our Story

We were started in 2022 by a former child protective services investigator. Having served as an investigator for years, he realized that although the intentions of child protective services are good, the practice of child protective services investigations has increased its intrusion on parental rights. And at times, it causes more hurt than it helps. CPSprotect Consulting Services is designed to help counterbalance the conditions that put you at a deficit in an investigation. When it is your children that are at stake, nothing is more important.

We are committed to providing quality consultation services to our clients that reduce the time, fear, intrusion, and disruption caused by child protective services investigations.

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