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UrgentAssist is your concierge guide to the child welfare system. When Child Protective Services shows up at your door, our team is your expert partner. At CPSprotect Consulting Services, we believe easy that access to reliable, actionable and valid information on preparing for and navigating Child Protective Services cases is essential. That’s why we offer a free tier to all with access to CPSknowledge- our comprehensive knowledge base written by our very own child welfare consultants- experienced former CPS investigators themselves who know the child welfare system inside and out. It also offers 0.25 UrgentAssist hours and access to UrgentAssist Message to get assistance from our team of expert child welfare consultants- all completely free! 

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There’s a lot of information and recommendations across the internet and communities when it comes to navigating Child Protective Services. Unfortunately, what is effective in one case is not always effective in another and laws and policies often differ across states and even counties. This results in confusion and even advice that ends up making situations worse- not better. Understanding how to navigate CPS cases can be daunting- don’t be caught off guard. At CPSprotect Consulting Services, we’ve done the hard work for you to make sure you preserve your rights and protect your family- no matter which state you live in! For access to more intensive, personalized assistance, check out our other offerings here. Register below to gain access to our team of expert child welfare consultants and CPSknowledge- absolutely free!

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