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A Child’s Right to Safety vs. a Parent’s Right to Raise Their Children: An Ethical Power Struggle in Child Protective Services
National Federation of Families annual conference, 2022

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Child Protective Services investigations are initiated without warning. The process is opaque and the potential consequences, such as removal, supervision, and restricted visitation are profound. Families deserve to know their rights, understand what CPS’ expectations are, and how to navigate an investigation with as little disruption, intrusion, and time as possible.

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“One day, CYS showed up at our door and we weren’t expecting this. I talked to the pastor at our church, who recommended I talk to someone he knew and she referred us to CPSprotect Services. I was absolutely terrified having to deal with CYS. I didn’t know what to expect. I talked with Jay at CPSprotect for the initial call. Money was tight and I didn’t know if I could afford anything like that, but I asked myself: can I afford not to? This is my family and my child after all.

After I signed up for the service, I had my initial call the night before the investigator was going to be coming. Jay spent a lot of time going through all of my concerns, telling me what to look for in the home that they might see as dangers (truthfully, I was surprised by a lot of the things he told me that I would have never guessed would be a concern to them). He helped me get my house prepared and me as mentally prepared as possible before they arrived.

When they arrived the next day, he was on the phone with me the entire time and this was very unnerving to the investigator, because they try and ask you so many questions that are unrelated to the case that they have no business asking. Every time they did this, Jay shut them down and this was upsetting the investigator, because he wasn’t able to fish for information that he had no business knowing. I didn’t even understand why some of the questions weren’t ok to answer, so I stepped out of the room and Jay explained to me why these were not acceptable for them to ask. We were trying to cooperate with the agent, but he did not like being shut down and ended up leaving- he wanted to go talk to his supervisor. We also had cameras in the home, which made him nervous, because he couldn’t say we weren’t cooperating.

We didn’t hear from him for 3 weeks and then the supervisor called me back and wanted to come back in the house. I was on edge with this. I called Jay again and he told me I could refuse that meeting, which made me nervous or just have them meet at the door and he was on the phone with me on very short notice (only had 30 minutes notice on this one) for the entire meeting. After this, they closed the case.

All in all, we dealt with the investigators for about 30-45 minutes total for the whole investigation. I am so glad that we hired CPSprotect to help us with this case! I have no doubt that I might have messed something up without Jay’s help in knowing what they were looking for and I was also terrified and Jay was very reassuring and helped me to calm down and feel as comfortable as possible that things were going to be ok. I definitely slept much better the night before the investigation than I would have if I hadn’t hired CPSprotect Consulting Services to help me out with my case. Their prices are very reasonable and to help ensure the best chance that your family will stay together it would be a bargain at 3x what they currently charge. I can’t say enough about CPSprotect and how they helped me prepare and even counseled me in being mentally prepared to face the threat that was coming. Thank you so much, Jay, for starting this company and everything you did for me and what you will do for many families to come.”

-Gena G., UrgentAssist Subscriber

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